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a world of possibility

15 May 1980
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Tension is what you think you should be
relaxation is who you are

chinese proverb

Statement to those who may wish to add me as friends (inspired by another user):
Ideally I would have the time and energy to read the journals of everyone on my friends list every day and still keep up with my life. What actually happens is I tend to post on here and keep in contact through email. While I may have a slow response time, emails get answered %99 of the time.

I really appreciate everyone who reads and puts an opinion into my journal. That's a big reason I've stayed on here so long. There are so many wonderful people from so many walks of life I get to see a situation multiple angles and learn things I might not come across otherwise. Each of you is special and you share this. Thank you

If for some reason you specifically want my opinion about a post or a subject, just let me know in some form or another (e-mail, comment, some other creative way).