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A cane, two broken doors, deoderant, and some honey - a world of possibility
A cane, two broken doors, deoderant, and some honey
Add two hyperactive boys and you've got a sidestory to the weekend, LOL.

It was quite amusing there was a constant battle between my brother and my cousin. There was also the top lock (yeah, the one you are supposed to only be able to lock from the inside) locking on it's own, you know, with no one in the room. I now know how to unlock it. Tee hee

I had an interesting night last night. My two cousins who live in Maryland, my brother, and a friend of the grooms, went to Riverfront, a big open area in Fort Lauderdale with lots and lots of bars. Similar to a strip mall, but clubs and pubs instead of shops.

Basically it was just a different sort of interaction (with the people) then I believe I have ever had.

I believe I met another possibly oblivious one (if the person who is supposed to understand this does not, well, it goes along with the statement, LOL).. Though I'm not sure quite yet.

The family in Florida are a lot closer in some ways, in the physical sense (?). Let me give an example before anone gets the wrong idea. If someone was tired they would just lay on someone, be it their shoulder or lap ever since I could remember. Whereas, until this year, I would never even touch my brother, let alone lay on his shoulder.

In the same sense the grooms friend has known him since higschool, and therefore would be very close with the family. In this sense he may just be oblivious. On the other hand, I am very wary of males.

Basically, after being introduced twice (almost more) to him because he went to Tisch and currently works as an actor in New York, plus he had been friends with me cousin (2nd cousin -?-) since highschool and they live down the street from each other now. So for many reasons it would be good for me to meet him.

He got there, we had multiple introductions and I asked a bunch of questions. He didn't seem to mind answering.

We talked a fair amount, not any more than he talked with anyone else, at least I don't think so. I then invited him to come out with my cousins, my brother, and I afterwards. My cousin then asked him to come (over, and over, and over) a few times because, at first he wasn't going to.

After much delay (that's another story, prolly a little boring though) we went to Riverfront. He was very sweet and watched out, along with myself, for the rest of the group (two people had already had a good deal to drink at the engagement party).

Near the end of the night, he took my clip out of my hair and said I needed to let my hair down. He put his hands through my hair as he said that, not in a "look into my eyes and kiss me" sort of way, but in a "fingers through wet hair" kind of way-not sure how else to explain.

In the cab he said something to the extent that I had to take it down because I was giving off a "librarian" or maybe it was "teacher" look, and that I wasn't one. Basically that I was giving off the wrong impression (?).

I decided not to mention the guy at my work who had an obsession with librarians, LOL.

Anyways, so, that, and lots of always making sur yself and everyone was good. If he were any other guy, I would have taken it that he was attempting to pick me up, or was attracted to me. Due to other people I know, and the background information though, there is a possibility it was all innoccent and genuine, which would be really nice, not only for the sake of it being out of the norm, but when I move to New York *crosses fingers* I will have a friend who already knows the ropes.

So yeah, between that, and interacting with a lot of family I haven't seen in forever, I thought a lot this weekend, but good. :) And quick note, the fiance, she is really sweet.

ok, now that I've bored many, I hope everyone is well.


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