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Yep, my feet hurt beforeswing dancing, analizinazation, and a nightmare - a world of possibility
Yep, my feet hurt beforeswing dancing, analizinazation, and a nightmare
OK, so I think to myself what a wonderful life

just kidding-I had to do it, or rather my fingers just kept going.

Anyways, so I think to myself I'm feeling really good as of late (the phrase has returned YIPPEE) and then, just now, I was wondering why. Well I've been too busy to think. It's when I think, and think, and think that I get all lost in my head.

Now, is it that I'm in a good mood because I'm too busy to over think things? Is it because I'm busy, I'm doing things with myself? Is it because I truly have a better outlook on things and therefore don't feel the need to overanalyze worry over things? In other words, hmmm, lessee if I can explain this. The confusion and getting lost within my head are because I actually am lost, not because I think I am, and I need to think things over in order to find my way.

eh whatever, I understand.

So me feet hurt, I am going swing dancing tonight YAY!

I am going to Florida this weekend. :)

By continuing reading this you agree not to come to my restaurant and say anything about this to those involved in my opinions. (IE: you are not going to tell the guy I type about anything that I type).

OK, so this was my nightmare.

There is this guy who comes into my work almost, if not every day. Actually there are two, but one of them wigs me out. He stares a lot, and he pays some of the girls so he can touch their butt. Something like that.

At first, when I began working at the restaurant, I felt bad because he is mentally challenged (not sure what is PC-I do apologize).

Basically he creeps me out so I stay away.

In the dream I went to someone's house, or something, but downstairs there was a pool. Someone I knew was having a party.

So I come down the stairs and Mr. is sitting in a wheel chair (he doesn't actually have one in real life, so I'm not sure why he had one in the dream) and so I go to the opposite end of the room and get in the pool on that side.

He then starts to walk over there, I jump in the pool.
He then gets into the pool.
I then get out of the pool and run towards a rom with an open door, shut it behind me and try to lock it, but he gets in.

I am now locked in the room screaming, and he's got this evil look on his face like "I've won, you're trapped, there's nothing you can do" and the typical villain "Muwahahaha" feeling behind it, but not the joking one, the serious one.

I then woke up.

It was the scariest thing in the world.

I hope everyone is well


Current Mood: exhausted exhausted

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