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Lez see if dees works :) - a world of possibility
Lez see if dees works :)

you're moowazz
A girl whose laugh is apparently infectious,
knows where she's going in life,
but often gets lost in her own head.

What LJ user are you? take the quiz by outlaw_jesus

I had a long day, gimme a break k? It is my journal anyways. I'm sposed to make myself feel good! :)~

What kith are you? Find out here.

Sidhe tend to display a natural talent for leadership and diplomacy who seem to learn dignity along with their abc's. It's difficult to make them look foolish, as most have had long practice at keeping their dignity no matter the situation. The sidhe are also incredibly attractive, with the frail, ethereal quality of the 'classic' fae of imagination and story. This is often quite disturbing when the awe-inspiring sidhe you meet who's just left you tongue-tied flies into a rage. A sidhe posesses that vague, indefinable 'it' that draws others to them, to the enchanted, they truly shine. All sidhe have an ethereal beauty in their fae forms, far beyond that of mortal understanding.

I hope everyone is well.

Me is gonna watch labrynth with me friend eternityknight (I like that I now know how to do the lj user thing)

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weetanya From: weetanya Date: March 10th, 2002 08:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
lol! congrats. i'd be honored to be you, but, sadly ...

Doh, I got me!
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