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LMBO - a world of possibility
So get this, I did the phone # thing, my #s have basically nothing interesting. But my folks # . . . .
"There are no words in 301-###.####
Believe it or not, we did not find any interesting mnemonics for 301-###.####. Everything is working fine, this is not a bug. Some numbers just have such odd combinations of letters and/or too many zeroes and ones that they simply do not have good mnemonics. Sorry. Perhaps you might like to try again with the number 568-3569 for an example of how the system works.


ok, done now.

Well since I'm here, quick thing about work. so there is this guy who comes in like very day and he weirds me out so I just stay away from him. This guy pays girls $20 to touch their butts. YEEEEW! So I just stay away.

Well I was doing something and my manager says "Hey, Elysa, when you get a second _____ wants to talk to you".

I of course say ok and wait until I am in the back to tell my manager that the guy makes me uncomfortable. It turns out he just bought shamrocks (you can buy em for $1, or a gold one for $5. The $ goes to help kids with MD (Musclular Distrophy) ) for everyone and wanted us to sign our names on em.

Well, a nice co-worker decided to be sweet and walk out with me (the manager said "have someone go out there with you if you feel uncomfortable). I was actually fine once I knew what it was for. A co-worker offered to go out with me though, so I said ok. Always a good idea anyways. We start to walk out of the kitchen and he goes "hold my hand". I was like "what?" thinking, no he's not pulling this HS stuff, but he was serious. "Hold my hand, he'll think you're my girlfriend". LMBO

So I walked over to _____ holding my co-workers hand.

Funny thing, in HS, I always wanted something like that to happen, I was so boy crazy. Now it was just the basic premises of doing it SOLELY for the purpose of Mr. uncomfortable not bugging me.

I like that I've grown up some since then. I still have tons to do, but I always will.

It was hard for me to keep from laughing though when I realized he was serious, but I did.

OK, off to get grub, clean, and swing dance

I hope everyone is well

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