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Just some late night complaining, LOL - a world of possibility
Just some late night complaining, LOL
I love this song :) I also like Lonely Lola Cherry Cola girl. Two completely unrelated and random songs. I think the only reason I connected the two is they were both aquired by accident.

Sometimes I just wish I could chop my boobs off and have nothing on my face but a slate and two eyes and that this was normal.

I sometimes wish everyone looked exactly the same, OR that their looks were a result of the person within. People could only be pretty on the inside if they are pretty within.

I'm sick of people complimenting me that I'm "attractive".

Yes, this is where I'm full of myself, but as the title says this is complaining, you don't want to read my selfishness, don't.

When people compliment me, I hate to be mean and not say thank you, but it means nothing to me. What matters is *pointing to her head* here AND *points to heart area* here. The essence of a person, not their intelligence per se, no not in the sense of book smarts, but in the sense that they want something for themselves, they don't want to just be a body working for money to survive. Mere survival is not good enough for anyone. Mere survival is for the animals. If it were mere survival, then love would not be an option, at least not in the sense I believe we hope for.

Again this could all be me, but this is my journal and my opinions and thoughts. They are that and only that, so if you take them as me thinking I'm all knowing, that is all on you.

As I often quote in many places "All I know is that I know nothing" ~Socrates

So yeah, basically I am sick of people looking at me and forming an opinion or wanting to know me because of this.

I've never, ok I can't say never, but they are VERY far and few between, had a friendship with the opposite sex where either I wasn't attracted to them or they weren't attracted to me, at least initially, or afterwards unless they had a significant other, and sometimes even then. why is this?

ERG! Now, especially with my vow (which I'm not quite sure where that stands~I have much thinking especially after the movie tonight, and yet then again I have none, esp. after the movie) I find it's mainly people attracted to me in the physical sense. I do not like this. I only say this from observation, not because I am like "wow I'm gorgeous, I'm god's gift to men" because I'm not. I'm an average looking female who has a body that unfortunately men lust after, I try to wear as much non-revealing clothes as possible for that part.

ack, anyways, yeah these are stupid problems, but they are mine and unfortunately because my female friends are almost all far away and it is much harder to make new friends whom are fealse I must make do with what I can get. This is not saying guys are bad, it's just hard to be as close with them unless in an intimate relationship, really intimate, not just the sort I was probably going to be in if I had ended up dating whole nother story), which is the LAST thing I want or need right now.

ok, I need sleep and have complained way way way too much for my own good,


thanks to whomever bore (beared? who knows, LOL) with me.

I love this song too! -what a surprise it's my song list *hee hee*
"If I could be like that" by three doors down especially the
He spent his whole life being too young to live the life that's in his dreams (there;s two versions by the way, so don't get confused if your version has different lyrics in the beginning).

I hope everyone is well


from today/yesterdays post whore

Current Music: Reed Easterwood - Sex Pot

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From: eternityknight Date: March 3rd, 2002 07:55 am (UTC) (Link)

Mental note to self-

Be sure to check out Elysa next time we see her.
Self-description sounds appealing, examine subject for matability and sexual appeal.
As a note for future reference, be sure to carefully look over all future female friends, so as to avoid this embarrassing lack of information in the future.

Tertiary notes: 1- Apparent assumption by female populace is that we will automatically undress them upon first meeting. To live up to expectations, a careful physical analysis should now be performed in tandem with becoming accustomed to their presence and personality.
2- To avoid further embarrassment and discomfort, accurate measurements should follow visual appraisal. Carry tape measure for assessment of bust, waist, and hip measurements.
3- Test posterior for resiliency through standard application of low impact slap. Record emotional and physical reactions.
moowazz From: moowazz Date: March 3rd, 2002 10:43 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Mental note to self-

LMBO, ok well I have "lack of ass" - a common thing, but so far nothing to be done about it.
So I'm going to just say "LOVVVVVL" (V=very).

Thanks :)~
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