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Paradox of my life (AKA babble) - a world of possibility
Paradox of my life (AKA babble)
So this seems to be the pattern, especially as of late (I just love that phrase for some reason).

I am happy, so I want to hang out with my friends. My friends are not happy. This makes me not so happy.

My friends are soon happy, I am not so happy, but my friends are happy, yay.

In other words, it is always the opposite, I look down my friend's page and notice a theme of all being in good moods. This always seems to occur when I have more challenges in my life.

I am doing rather well, look down the page, and notice the trend being everyone else is having a bad day, week, whatever.

Man, what is up with that? LOL.

I need to just get over myself sometimes and ask people for support.

(Man) is not an island

no matter how much s/he may want to be.

Hmmm, why is it I have so much trouble letting people get close?

Also, notes to self:

- accepting people for who they are, allow people to do the same for you! If they don't they are not wrong or right, tis their choice, but give em the option. They choose not to, well bloody screw em. (OK, don't screw em, just keep dat in mind)

Never feel bad for being who you are! If people don't like it, they don't have to hang around.

ok, before I piss myself or anyone else off . . .

dunn dunn dunn (suspense building


OK, off to rent movie and be all comfy on my couch upstairs. I was gonna paint, but me is too tired (weird, it's quite early to be tired).

what a let down huh? hee hee

I hope everyone is well.

As for me, my brain feels as though it could be locked in one of those padded rooms.

Maniacal laughter (I keep wanting to replace the first "a" with an "e", anyone know why?)


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arkos From: arkos Date: March 1st, 2002 09:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
hey, sorry bout tonight.
I shoulda had you come over...it would have been nice to hang.
I'm Sorry
moowazz From: moowazz Date: March 2nd, 2002 12:00 am (UTC) (Link)

Why are you sorry? Silly boy, I like the comfort of my own home (it means I don't have to drive home when the movie's over)

Lemme know if tonight ends up happening.

arkos From: arkos Date: March 2nd, 2002 07:36 am (UTC) (Link)


I'm sorry, simply because it would have been nice to see you.
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