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My life as of late - a world of possibility
My life as of late
1) So, yeah I stayed up till 6 sumfin in the am painting. It was great. See my previous post for a link to the pictures.

2) Swing dancing was much fun last night (as always)

3) I think I got a call back from the audition Monday night. I had a voice mail on my cell phone. I returned the call and left a message at both numbers he left me but have not heard anything since then. We'll see.

4) I have begun working on one of my monologues. It is going well.

5) The audition tonight was much fun. I went with mi chiquita Sara. We were gonna go do Karaoke, but they weren't starting till after the game. the game was only on the 1st 1/2. Nuh unh, we were not waitin that long. Another time.

6) The one I'm guessing everyone is wating for, LOL. what's up with Mr. man.
The short answer: If he doesn;t make time this weekend he won't have to make time.

So here's my thought process that lead to this. At first I was thinking, well maybe I'm wanting too much. I mean it's not a serious or long-term relationship. On the other hand, isn't the point of being in a relationship because you want to spend time with the person?.

Maybe it is just me. On the other hand, that is what I want and expect from a relationship. Someone who wants to spend time with me, otherwise, please do tell, what is the point?

This is, of course, just for the specific situation I was in. In most cases, actualy prolly all cases, I have a few things I must have. I'm going back to that. Was soooo much easier.

I hope everyone is well.

When me laundry is done, me being awake for the night is done!

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