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quick randomness - a world of possibility
quick randomness
After the operetta last night my friend and I got a lil lost. We ended up in Brookeville (?). It was fun though.

Tonight at dinner with the fam, the kid's menus are on the back of an etch-a-sketch. I spent the majority of the meal on the etch-a-sketch. I actually drew (?) pictures that looked like something, unlike when I was a kid and it was just lines.

The first (yep I took over 2) was a house wih a swingset and a bird that was on it's way to looking like a phoenix.

The second was 2 butterflies, I planned on donig more but we had to leave.

I memorized one of my monologues tonight. YAY.

I feel stuck in a rut lately though. I just want to find out if I am counseloring this summer, get my audition for Tisch over with, find out if I got in, and move to NY. Now that I've sent everything out and I'm only working on my monologues, I don't have as much pressure or anything to really work towards until then.


ok, I hope everyone is well.

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