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:)~ - a world of possibility
I see fluffs of fur running by every once in a while. It's funny when my kitties get like this. Sushi is laying on her back as if to say "look at me I'm pretty" - she's spoiled, nope no more. She''s joining back in with the blurs of fur.

Well it was a nice quiet night, exactly what I needed. I hung out with some friends, Robby and Renee. We rented two movies "Marathon Man" and "Blue Velvet" and carried out from an Italian place. The latter of the movies was quite eccentric and I'm not sure yet if I liked it or not, it was amusing though I do have to give it that. Blair walked in at the end of Marathon Man. He kept going outside for parts of Blue Velvet and we could hear him laugh. At one point a character goes "I'll f**k anything that moves" and Blair had to open the door (he was standing on the balcony watching through the window while he smoked) and make sure he heard right.

Another amusing thing, unfortunately Renee missed this b/c she went to sleep, was the comments from us, the "audience", throughout the movie. I said I felt like it was Mystery Science Theatre or something.

Not too much more. I caught up ~ well over the phone~ with another friend I haven't talked to in a while and am having dinner tomorrow. Should be interesting. I need to get reproductions of my headshots, but am just going to make one copy at Kinkos tomorrow. I will explain tomorrow what that has to do with my friend.

I need sleep b/c I'm going to six flags fright fest tomorrow!!! YAY. Yippee! :)~


Meez :)

Current Mood: excited excited
Current Music: Cats having their "cat crazies" hence random scurry bys

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