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AAAH, 3 1/2 hours sleep,fun fun :) - a world of possibility
AAAH, 3 1/2 hours sleep,fun fun :)
I was driving home from my meeting this morning (yep, we had to be at work for a "meeting"~basically consisted of the manager talking for an hour and a half~ at 9am) and you know what?

One knows they spend waaay too much time on the computer/internet when they think in typing.

example "so and so said this comma space L-O-L" as in that was my thought process.

I then laughed at myself.

Why I am typing this instead of jumping in bed? I ahve no idea. I have no idea why I do many things. :)

I have found a few good things from the knot in my head, that turned out not to be a knot (no punn intended). It was just my priority strings trying to jump through others. OK, that analogy does not make sense. Basically I'm all good again. My thought process from last night completed today, with good results, my mind is de-jumbled and I am finding out who I can rely on when things get tough. That is not a critiscism nor a stab at anyone. People need to be who they are and I accept that, just as I need to be who I am.

Ok, NOW I am off to sleep!

I hope everyone is well.

as a friend of mine says "Namaste"

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