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Quick bit of convo (Brainwashing) - a world of possibility
Quick bit of convo (Brainwashing)
EBarron589: basically, as you prolly know, my train of thought
EBarron589: I feel like that song . . .
EBarron589: "He was too young to live the life that's in his dreams"
crawford131313: ohhh
EBarron589: you remind me?
EBarron589: or if I could be like that?
EBarron589: who knows
crawford131313: yeah, something like that
EBarron589: :-)
EBarron589: I feel like that song a lot, LOL
EBarron589: but my song, is drops of jupiter from train
EBarron589: LOL
crawford131313: so do i, my dear....so do i
EBarron589: :-)
crawford131313: hehe...actually, you DO remind me of that song!
EBarron589: yay
EBarron589: that's 2 down
crawford131313: i was driving back to school one time on 270 when that came on & i immediately thought of you
EBarron589: now I've just got to brainwash the rest of my friends
EBarron589: :-D

Thanks for the convo Adam (the rest of it also)

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musus From: musus Date: February 24th, 2002 03:27 am (UTC) (Link)

Anytime...I hope we can have more like it. :)
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