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Nice night. Mmmmmm. Warm fuzzies. I went to see Josh Ritter… - a world of possibility
Nice night. Mmmmmm. Warm fuzzies.

I went to see Josh Ritter tonight. I suck though, I got lost on the way there because mapquest directions suck - but what's new - so I missed half his set. He was only on for 30 minutes. He was good, what I saw. Looks the same as 3 years ago with a bit longer hair.

They gave me this stamp on my hand, it says "OK" with a circle around it. I wrote an "A" in front of it. Why? I have no clue. I don't understand many things I do.

Oh! voice lesson was good today.

I am finding strength within myself I never knew I had. yay for me.

I will always be with myself. Everything else, my entire world may change, but I will always be right here, with myself no matter what happens.


big warm fuzzy smile.

OK, must sleep, like now. I need to get up in like 6 hours, yikes.

I hope everyone is well.

*sleep well "cutie" (I'm sharing it for now, till something better comes along)*

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