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Mardis Gras at work - a world of possibility
Mardis Gras at work
So, basically we could "dress up" (aka nor uniform). I came all bright and colorful.

-dark jeans
-black tank with gold sequence rectangle (taller than it was wide)
-bright blue background short with yellow w/ red center paisely (SP? and not sure if that's what to call it) pattern.
-big green mardi gras beads
-pink hue mask on backwards

I brought beads for everyone else alo, PLUS an exta mask. Only one other person dressed up. He had a kewl shirt on. Another co-worker lent me her earrings that lit up. Everyone loved em. I was bright perky energy girl.

About the earrings though, there was a sweet older man who came in for his b-day and he had his first coors lite ( he was WAAAY past his 21st) and asked his server if I had extention cords on. He was so cute when I went over there and said that she (his server) had implied he wanted to wear the earrings. A big grin was made on his face.

There was a contest for best costume. Hmmm, wonder what I win.

OK heading out, probably won't have much to post for a while unless anything really exciting happens. I think I finished my essay!!!

I hopee veryone is well

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