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21 questions - a world of possibility
21 questions
So I had a very interesting table today. It began at around, hmmm, 3PM? Two gentlemen. Ok they weren't in suits and ties or anything, or seeming from the era in time that had "gentlemen", but I don't want to say "men", because they were quite nice and better then many of my usual customers. Actually the majority of my customers today were in a better humor (humour?).

My tables began to weed out, and I felt bad because, actually let me start from the beginning.

Conversation is not exact words.

I was checking on my tables, bringing food, getting a check, and the two gentlemen walk in. I smile, as is usual, "Can I help you? Or did you just want to sit at the bar?" (As they were walking into the area around the bar).

"We were going to sit at a table".

I said that they could sit wherever they wanted and tehn pointed out my table if they wanted to sit there/

"OK, we'll sit at your table".

I happened to notice my table was dirty, ack! We were already on closers, but it was still fairly busy, so I was quite busy.

I wipe down the table for them, at the same time knocking the pepper across the table. oops, rushing = bad. They laughed = good. :)

So, I took drink orders for both and a soup order from one. One of the gentlemen says I have an interesting speech pattern. Thanks, I think (?). I took it as a compliment.

After dropping off their drinks and saying "I'll be back in a minute" 5 of my other tables decided to ask for their checks, all following each other, not even at the same time. I would come back from one, and THEN the next would want theirs. ACK.

So I finally come back to the gentlemen and take their order. They are still in a good mood. YAY!

I still have 1 other table and 2 more arrive. This is ok. This is not bad at all.

Weell, food gets brought to gentlemen. At this point another gentleman has arrived. I get him beer.

After running around, and coming to gentlemen table probably 3 or so times, the one who ordered food food asks for silverware (notice I said I have come around a few times). OOPS!

Yes he could have said something, but I should have observed. They are not angry, still in good mood. YAY!

So then every time I come over they begin asking questions. Where am I from. Why do I work there. How old am I. What school am I going to. Did I come straight from highschool to this new school. Many, many questions.

My other tables weed out and leave eventually. I then end up sitting at the gentlemen table while they probe with more questions. None personal or rude. One of the men has ofered to write aletter of reference for me. He has known me all of, what a few hours? I said of course, if he would love to, more good words about me never hurt. I figured it to be a polite gesture, nothing more.

The 3rd gentleman leaves and another takes his place (well sort of, he sits acorss the table).

Apparently they are professional question askers. Hmmm, what kind of job would that be? moi<~curiosity kitty

So after many more drinks, one desert, a few mistakes (dirty table, long time taking order, no silverware), they leave, around 5:30PM. O ne gentleman with my e-mail address with the intent of writing a letter of reference. This should be interesting.

I will keep updates. Maybe I'll find out what professional questioning entails.

OK, hadta do this

*Take This Test!*

I hope everyone is well.

I'm going to Brandeis! I'm going to Brandeis!!!ACK, must shower, QUICK!

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