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yarg pfffth . . . *SPLAT* - a world of possibility
yarg pfffth . . . *SPLAT*
Long day. Had one table of 8 women, but only 7 ate food, want separate checks. Not only did they all want separate checks, but some paid with credit cards, some paid with cash, plus I had 4 other tables. PLUS today everyone decided to be picky about their food and wanted at least 3 refills all at the same time.

I did have one table at during all this that consisted of 2 very sweet patient gentlemen. :) They made my day. People like that always make my day. I offered to treat them to onion peels if they came in again.


ok, I'm gonna go take a nap since I'm goin to a movie tonight and have to be up at 7am tomorrow.

just one quiz first . . .

youre a baby boomer. the late fifties and sixties caught you in your prime. in your youth, the beatles had every spot on the top ten, and drugs were key. now most of your generation are burnouts with 2.3 children, 9-5 jobs that make you suicidal, and adulterous spouses. have a nice day.

Take the How Old Are You? Quiz.


I hope everyone is well.

-Chyna Dawl :)~
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From: choi_toi Date: February 1st, 2002 03:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
yik. women.
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