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Guess who's going to booostooon? - a world of possibility
Guess who's going to booostooon?

Next weekend I am visiting my friend Ali in Mass eh chooos ettts


OK time to go accomplish some stuff.

I found this in my coat pocket the other day. I used it to write titles of movies I wanted to see while I was at the rental place. Then it was just a piece of paper. It wasn;t until last tuesday, while waiting for the room to open up for swing dance lessons that I opened up the paper end realized what it was.

. . .

Have you ever had one pf those moments you just want to stay in, one that you would be content & happy & fulfilled living in just that moment?
Well I just had one of those. Siting in the car, listening to a song, though I'm not actually focused on it, i's just part of the feeling of the moment. It's sunny &beautiful outside. Somewhat chlly, but since I'm in the car, through the windows I can only feel the warmth on my face & arms.
I'm looking out the window there's a building maybe two, not sure, because I'm focused on the green grass with a bird just sitting there content. In the background, fairly far off & down a hill two kids are playing with a soccer bball & a soccer net, but I'm focused on the bird. The building & kids are just the background, but are still a part of this content, calm, happy, well not "joy joy" happy, but smile, when you just look at somewthing & it makes you smile. Not even because of your lips making the smile but the feeling you get in your head.

oh! And why is it that the best ideas come right before you fall asleep? Or is it just me? If it's not just me they should do a study on that, maybe they can find out what chemicals or whatever cause this and re-create when in normal "awake" condition, rather than when we are about to fall asleep!

I hope everyone is well

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