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Awww - a world of possibility
I am watching "The Other Me" on Disney with my sister.

So as not to have to give a brief synopsis basically the scene is this, a boy and his family (Mom, Dad, and sister) go to see his grandfather. The grandfather never says anything when they visit, but only sits and watches TV.

This time the boy stands in front of the grandfather. At first the grandfather gets huffy, takes off his glasses and begins to try and look around the boy (the boy is blocking the TV). The boy reaches out and touches the grandfathers face and asks "Does it hurt? . . . . Being old?"

I should probably say this though, the boy is a clone and therefore is learning how to be "human". That probably makes the question not seem so stupid.

The grandfather then answered "Not today".


so, yeah, I'm a cheezball tonight. :-D
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