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Randomness - a world of possibility
I was drivin to B-more with my friend yesterday. Drops of Jupiter by Train came on the radio. I told her that if someone were to tell me a song reminded them of me, I would like it to be that song. (Got that? >=) ) That song and the one line "She drinks coffee at midnight, when the moment is not right" from Meet Virginia, because that line just is me. (Ask my friend Julie from Oberlin ~want details just ask)

My friend then replies, very excitedly, she is so cute when she gets that way it's funny, "I was just about to say this song reminds me of you, and I think Meet Virginia is my song ("my" meaning her)".

YAY, I have been dubbed drops of jupiter!


ok, off to get clean

I am just overwhelming happy toda. Por qua?

Scratch that, I'm just gonna enjoy it.

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