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Quick note - a world of possibility
Quick note
If anyone read my looooong butt journal entry the yesterday (?) here is something on my discussion with myself that I figured was a good piece of information.

The same smart person who told me about the ships also said this (not exact words of course) you must still go out and live your life, have fun with friends, experience, because if you dedicate yourself to only books and monologues and such you cannot be a good actor (actress-whichever you prefer). You must experience life in order to be able to portray it.

Slumber peacefully all.


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musus From: musus Date: January 29th, 2002 07:26 am (UTC) (Link)

Good point...good point.

Knowledge is useless without the experience & know-how to harness every available opportunity it helps to bring before you. Education at its finest.
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