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So, umm, yeah, family functions - a world of possibility
So, umm, yeah, family functions
It was interesting. I had some reeeeally scary thoughts in my mind.

To begin with I think I was semi being hit on by a 50 year old man. Sad part, I could see how younger women have affairs. I never would have done anything with him, but I definitely was attracted to the higher level of maturity. If that even makes sense. Someone is going to read this wrong and be like "that girl is just out there" but whatever. I know what I mean.

About 2 seconds later my mind went "UUUCK", thinking of actual age perspective. PLUS the longer he talked, the les mature he became and therefore less attractive.

the "IIIII'm comin up so you better get this party started" was still there. Not too much of the evening consumed by it luckily. It faded in and out. Sad part, it was gone right before I typed this. Oh well.

So the family affair was not bad, they never are anymore, I'm not scared of em like I used to be. I actually enjoy them, well when we are left to our own devices (AKA a house to walk around and mingle with whom we want and avoid whom we would like to) rather then stuck at one table for 30 people and I was up waaay too late the night before and am therefore having trouble concentrating on conversation. (I would have these lack of word pauses while trying very hard to remember what I was saying as my mind went off into daze land).

I'm gonna go read now. If anyone feels the need to call me, please do. I'm feeling a lack of friend contact lately fault of nothing but lack of time.

ALSO!!! Is ANYONE going with me on the 20th of February to see Josh Ritter? I would really like company. AND does anyone want to come swing dancing SAt.

PUHLEEESE lemme know.

Slumber peacefully all

Chyna Dawl is signing out
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eyeboogies From: eyeboogies Date: January 25th, 2002 10:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'll let you know about the 20th when I have my work schedule, sound good?
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