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I'm comin up so you better get this party started - a world of possibility
I'm comin up so you better get this party started
Yep, that line from a song ahs been playing in my head on repeat for, I think just about all day. I tuned it out at work b/c I wasn't paying attention, but whenever the background is calm and quiet, it's baaa aack

My mind is crazy

The other night while I was going to sleep every sentence I thought rhymed, I made sure of it. It was obssesive compulsive to no end. I almost couldn't fall asleep because my brain kept thinking up more sentences.

Also, have you ever just been thinking and thought a sentence that didn't make sense, or it's not something you believe, you just thought it to think a thought? Or finish a thought? OR something? (This probably doesn't even make sense).

OK, yes I am crazy and weird, must run, going to dinner fer daddy's b-day. It's funny when your folks grow up, or rather you do. Though they kinda grow up with you. I found myself writing a b-day card that could have been to a friend.

Ok, hope everyone is well. Good thoughts to K-dub.

-meez :)~
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From: aligator13 Date: January 25th, 2002 08:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hmm...... seams like as I grow up my parents get younger. =P
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