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Nostalgia - a world of possibility
I miss

-late night phone calls
for no reason whatso-ever
and you have no qualms about calling
and they feel the same
it's almost a nightly ritual
-being able to talk for . . .
well, for what seems like forever
and you only know this because you realize you must end the conversation
after looking at the clock that is
-being watched while sleeping
feeling like the most important
most interesting thing in the world
a discovery of sorts
but the aww never goes away
-arms to be held in when in a mood
just plain old icky


I don't want any of this unless it's real.

I want that thing that's embedded in my memory at the time
but as a constant
not just while it was still happening

In the past much of it faded away
it just dissappeared

When it's real, it will always be there.

I have no reason to know this
any proof
or hardcore evidence

I just know
deep down
it will maintain when it's real
when there's something secure
and solid
to base it on.

*smiles dreamily*

monologue time and then nighty night.

Sweet dreams world


Current Mood: thoughtful thoughtful
Current Music: Mozart - Fantasia in D Minor

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