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Hmm, yeah, much crazyness - a world of possibility
Hmm, yeah, much crazyness
So I've now been asked by a friend of mine to write reviews on plays for a magazine they're attempting to create. Sure, I'd love to. Now the only dilemna will be time constraints, LOL I get to see plays for free though, that's kewl.

Between work, auditions, open calss, if the agency that said they wanted me ever does get any jobs for me, and applying to transfer to tisch. I'm thinking I'm not going to be counseloring for a teen tour this summer, LOL. Then again, who knows. Oh yeah, and babysitting once in a while (good $$$).

OK, well I've gotta go memorize some scenes, but first I'm gonna watch the movie I rented. Before that I'm gonna finish all my conversations with me buds. Hmmm, maybe I'll memorize tomorrow. Who knows. I need food and another vacation, LOL.

OK, this is probably boring to anyone but me. Oh! ONe of my tables stayed for 2 hours AFTER they got their check! I was waiting for them to leave so I could go home. I had already done cash out and all my side work (if you don't know what either of those are just let me know) and still couldn't leave because they hadn't left or at least left the tip.

So yeah, me is much overwhelmed. Very glad I got my very oversized dry-erase calendar!

I hope everyone is well.


-meez :)~
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