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Blargrsihkjghkdsfjh - a world of possibility
So get this for a schedule, work yesterday from 3:30PM (well at work I got someone's shift at like 5:30PM) till 11:45PM (or close) get home at midnight go to sleep at 1am (needed food. Yea. it's bad to eat late at night, but I was staaarving).

Get up at 9am to shower, go back to sleep for 9 minutes after shower. Get to work and find out you are closing ~ you were aware otherwise. Work from 11am to 4:34PM (around). Drive from work to babysitting job. Babysit till around 1am (get home around 1:15am. this is supposing babysittees (?), no that's not right, that would be the kids, whatever, get back on time AND chit chat doesn't take too long.

Get up at 9:15am. Go to work. Work till 2PM-4PM (since I am not closing). Saturday, go out with friends since one friend is leaving sunday.

Sunday sorta sleep in, till 11. Go to open call from 2pm-9pm. It is in laurel though, about 1 hour away (I think, I still need to get directions).

How's that for 4 days.


ok, must go put little one (actually middle one) to sleep.

later, maybe I'll get bored and type more.

I hope everyone is well

-ayg, meez :)~

Current Mood: overwhelmed, confused . .so on

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musus From: musus Date: January 14th, 2002 01:03 am (UTC) (Link)

awwwww....that's so sweet of you. *HUG* Thank you!
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