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Hmmm, yeah, so get this . . . - a world of possibility
Hmmm, yeah, so get this . . .
So, yeah, I'm a little, I'm not exactly sure what I'm feeling, about my friends.

A: THIS . . .My post from earlier. I thought I'd at least get a laugh out of someone, or concern or SOMETHING.

As I typed in a previous journal I've been Ms. MIA. Yeah, I've talked to my friends a few times online, but I have yet to get a phone call from all but one. Actually, this is my friends from here, not the ones in college, actually them too, but that's a whole different story and maybe I'll explain why later.

As Nolf typed something similar I find myself being the one initiating plans. Of course if I was DYING to go out, I'll call people up and make plans ahead of time (not last minute like I was trying to do tonight). On the other hand, it's nice when, at least once in a while, other people do the calling. Even if the calling is just to check up on you.

Yes I AM fine, but it's nice to know people worry about you other than your parents. Like "You've been home since New Years and we haven't made plans yet". Yes I am a busy person, and often go in my own world and get caught up in it to where I can't hang out for a while, but even when I'm there I keep in touch.

None of this is to be a bitch, or being mad, or upset, or depressed, or even to anyone in particular, it's just a little venting I needed to get out. Sometimes people forget, even those who seem to "have their life together" need people too. Just because they are making goals and achieving them, this does not mean they become in-human, no longer needing things that any human needs.

I have an audition tonight. I'm not sure if anyone realizes this. I really didn't feel like telling anyone. This is all of my own choice and doing, no one else (not wanting to tell anyone). I did however want to get my friends together to hang out afterwards and tell them about it. How badly I messed up, how well I did. They liked me, they didn't like me. IT was fun. WHATEVER. I wanted to let them in on something that is a big part of me, but something that people see very little of because the only way they can really see that part of me is being at my performance(s). My performances are like that final project, what all the hard work pays off as. When it all comes together.

Yes, I should have made plans ahead of time, but as I said, I've been Miss MIA. I've had my own stuff to deal with and just felt like having me time. Actually, I think that's what I'll do tonight. Come home and finish the book I was reading the other night, maybe even start a new one.

Yes, much of his was very unobjective, I'll probably come back later tonight when I get home and be a little more objective, LOL.

OK night all

I hope everyone is well.

-ayg, meez :)~

Current Mood: nervous nervous

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From: nolf Date: January 10th, 2002 12:38 am (UTC) (Link)
sometimes others need their me time too. just remeber that. not me being defensive. i'm not even speaking about me. just generalities.

sometimes people's paths aren't meant to cross at times, cause they go seperate ways. they are off doing different things. this doesn't mean that people forget, or stop caring.

there is much i would like to say.

but i no longer have the friggen energy.
i know you know the feeling.

you're a good person.
may your hopes and dreams come true
moowazz From: moowazz Date: January 10th, 2002 09:34 am (UTC) (Link)


And in case that ^ doesn't come out right . . .-> :)~
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