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So, um, yeah - a world of possibility
So, um, yeah
Went swing dancing with my friend and her friend tonight. Had mucho fun.

We walk around a bit. Some guy comes in that the other girl knows. We chat a bit and they go off and dance. I had seen a guy walking around in kewl brown plaid pants. I decided to go talk to him. Basically this was the convo
Me: Kewl pants. I saw them and just wanted to tell you this and say "hi".
Him: Thanks
Me: You here with friends?
Him: Yes
Me: They all dancing?
Him: Yes. Do you want to dance?

At this point I tell him that I am a beginner so bear with me. I ask what he does and he says "this" meaning dancing.

As the evening rolls along they have a couple who is really good dance for everyone. Guess who the 2nd couple includes. Mr. Kewl plaid pants man. Apparently he's known worldwide for Lindy Swing Dancing. LOL.

So yeah, but much fun had.

I had a conversation with a park ranger who seemed quite nice. It all started with measking for a tissue for the other girl's friend because he's allergic to cats and my sweater, which my friend was wearing, had cat hair. In causing him to sneeze I felt it was my obligation to find a tissue. Well Mr. Park Ranger couldn't find tissue, and it being MUCHO FRIO outside so I did not want to walk to the bathroom (it's in another building), hence ask the Ranger. Instead of tissue we got gauze. IT worked.

OK last thing befoe I go watch my movie (which I've been tryin to watch for like 5 nights now I think) check out THIS site. Muy funny.

I hope everyone is well.


ayg, meez :)~

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