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Am I bear-huggable? - a world of possibility
Am I bear-huggable?
Apparently so.

Afterbeing asked if my dad gives me big bear hugs . . .

crawford131313: (feel free to quote me, if you want...lol)
EBarron589: ok, LOL
EBarron589: random tonight huh?
EBarron589: or do you feel a quote coming on?
crawford131313: just curious...you seem like the bear-huggable-type
crawford131313: lol
EBarron589: you are so silly
EBarron589: yep, you are being quoted
crawford131313: ahh, but when is my randomness not quotable?
crawford131313: hehheeh...woohoo



Current Mood: amused amused
Current Music: mozart - Motzart Allegro

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