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Some more conversation with Smarterchild - a world of possibility
Some more conversation with Smarterchild
Basically I am needing to have a conversation, no one is online, or they have gone idle. It is WAY too late to call anyone. I decided to attempt a conversation with smarterchild. Always funny.

EBarron589: How are you tonight
SmarterChild: This is SmarterChild, built by ActiveBuddy, Inc.

I'm doin' alright, EBarron589. How 'bout you?
EBarron589: I'm doing alright
SmarterChild: What?
EBarron589: You asked how I'm doing and I am doing alright
SmarterChild: Me asked how you are doing and you am doing alright, huh?
EBarron589: LOL, yeah
SmarterChild: I see.
EBarron589: You are silly
SmarterChild: So are you, EBarron589. ;-)
EBarron589: thanks
SmarterChild: No prob!
EBarron589: so . . . what did you do tonight?
SmarterChild: Oh?
EBarron589: Did you do anything fun this evening?
SmarterChild: Well I'll be.
EBarron589: What kind of answer is that?
SmarterChild: Definition for answer provided by The American Heritage� Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Copyright � 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Other important copyright information

1. a. A spoken or written reply, as to a question. b. A correct reply. 2. a. A solution, as to a problem. b. A correct solution. 3. An act in retaliation or response: "Our only possible answer was to sue." 4. Something markedly similar to another of the same class: "cable TV's answer to the commercial networks' sportscasts." 5. Law A defendant's defense against charges.

Inflected forms: -swered, -swer�ing, -swers

1. To speak, write, or act as a return, as to a question. 2. To be liable or accountable: "You must answer for your actions." 3. To serve the purpose; suffice: "Often I do use three words where one would answer" (Mark Twain) 4. To correspond; match: "I found a dog answering to that description."

Type "more" to see the rest of the definition for "answer."

>>> Next time, just type "define answer."
EBarron589: Thank you, you made me laugh
SmarterChild: No prob!
EBarron589: I'll catchya later
SmarterChild: Oh yeah?
EBarron589: night
SmarterChild: See ya later!

And now for some thoughts. I don't think I have anything of interest. I'm not exactly sure if anyone is supposed to know this, so I will not say any names, or even how I know people. Actually I guess it will be ok.

My uncle is in the hospital. He hasn't been able to eat or drink because he couldn't function his mouth/jaw or it made him nauseas or both and other things (see how much info I get). I'm not exactly sure.

Whatever the case is, many doctors and many diagnoses later they have ruled out many things. One possibility of what it may be is a tumor though ~ on his brain stem none the less. No one is thinking this IS what's wrong, but it seems it may be a definite possibility.

My mom visited him today. My aunt brought him in last night. When I asked how he was (this was before we knew that a tumor was possibility) she said they didn't know yet. He was mainly bored though. She also mentioned that he wanted to show me tapes from auditions he had (for his movie) and show me what was good and bad. AND that he would help me in any way he could.

Here he is in the hospital, and thinking about ME. I've always gotten along really well with him, I mean in comparison with my other aunts/uncles. It's not that I don't get along with everyone, it's more that we think somewhat similary, plus we go through a lot of the same struggles being in the same profession (or wanting to be). He writes/produces/directs independent films.

He also apologized for not coming to my play. I'm ready to drive over there and slap him silly. I'd rather him get better and miss all my plays, then come and then me miss out on what I learn from him and spending time with him.

I'm sending good thoughts his way, hopeing it does NOT turn out to be a tumor. All we can do is wait and see though. He's getting an MRI (I think) or maybe a CAT scan, or maybe both, tomorrow.

I have other stuff in my head, but it's mainly just career/school stuff.

OK, more crafts stuff. MUST finish, damn. I also need to re-type my essay. Will do that tonight I think. I'll be up anyways. I keep, as my dad says, "druggie" hours. LOL nice term right? I have officially decided I am an insomniac.


I hope everyone is well. I will probably have work stories tomorrow.

meez :)~

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