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Ego Boost! - a world of possibility
Ego Boost!
Having a conversation with someone. Finally! Though it's not the conversation I planned on having, it will do for now. Me was tired and feeling ESPECIALLY goofy, more so than usual. For those who know me better, I am on the usual a goofy girl, so this was to an extreme.

RainShm: yeah that is one interesting shot.. you have an icon out that one right..
RainShm: you are a goofy woman.
RainShm: did i mention that
EBarron589: yep
EBarron589: :-)
RainShm: you have good hair though.
EBarron589: the woman witht he wings?
EBarron589: yeah
RainShm: little lips...
EBarron589: I have good hair?
EBarron589: LOL
RainShm: cute lips.. but little
EBarron589: thanks, I home-brewed the hair
RainShm: and eyes like an china doll i saw in the toy store last weekend..
EBarron589: the lips I'll have to attribute to a mistake, but they came out alright
EBarron589: LOL
EBarron589: thanks, you make me sound like poetry
EBarron589: I need you on my bedstand when it's late and I can't think of the way to put it where it sounds "just right"
EBarron589: :-D
EBarron589: Q: mind if I quote you in my journal (I won't mention who you are if you don't want)
EBarron589: moo
EBarron589: :-)
RainShm: feel free.. quote away
EBarron589: Would you like to be mentioned? Or no?
RainShm: i like to be quoted.. makes me feel intelligent for a moment..
EBarron589: and . . .what's on your mind?
RainShm: why not.. i am not in the witness protection program

There was more, but if I continue, I will end up pasting the entire thing, and it would therefore not be a "bit" o conversation, but rather "conversation . . to it's extent".

On more thing though . . .
RainShm: yeah you look like a china doll.. that is good.. but a goofy china doll.


As for the "moo" comment, I have changed the sound on my IMs so it "moos" at me instead of "doodle a doo" or whatever it is.

Quick note: I start training at my new job tomorrow. Let the job stories begin. :)~

I hope everyone is well


meez :)~

Current Mood: amused amused
Current Music: Better than Ezra - At the Stars

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nos4a2 From: nos4a2 Date: December 13th, 2001 09:15 am (UTC) (Link)
oh and i am sorry i cut the convo short... i had things on my mind, but you are right.. i do just want one person.. i was overtly rationalizing the situation in order to convince myself i was fine with it, when in fact i was not fine with it. I explained that to the major factor involved... and thankfully she understood and stopped it right there. How nice to know my opinions matter.

thanks for listening to my goofy ramblings though, china doll.. *wink*
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