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Kevin (Story: Edition 3) - a world of possibility
Kevin (Story: Edition 3)
So yes, I've decided to type more up :)

If you haven't already, I would suggest reading Kayla AKA "Candy" the preceding edition.

So he struts in with his chintzy jacket on. He practiacally owns the casino. "Practically", the key word. No one would touch him. He couldn't get in trouble for anything. He knew every inch of the place and had since he was five years old.

Now he walks up to the stage area and proceeds to continue backstage. The fact that it has a stage shows that it's one of the "better" casinos (as if casinos had class in the first place).

He walks past a few girls in long dresses ready to sing, and continues on until he meets up with the rest of the girls. You know. The skimpy outfits and the girls wearing them with either no breasts or ones that are unnaturally large, too much makeup, and those giggly school girl laughs. The laughs that are more a part of the conversation than words?

"Hee hee hee, hi Joey", they say the "hi Joey" part trying to sound sexy. They always call him Joey. That's what his first name is. That's what everyone around here calls him, but some people, the priveledged few, know him as Kevin. That's his middle name. That's who he really is.

Tune in next story and find out what happens to Anne and the Employee.

meez :)~

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