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Muwahaha - a world of possibility
So, hmmm, the only person who that title relates to does not get online! I must convert him, or at least get him accessed to a computer.

K-dub, I think I've found yet another. Yay!

Quick day update . . .

Did crafty stuff for Holeeday. I now only have one "creature" to finish. As for the other part of my gift(s), hopefully my dad fixed his printer, otherwise I'm gonna hafta wait till I get a new color cartridge.

I had sticky glue fingers. Or rather it turned into dried up glue fingers.

I went to my Applebees orientation. I start actual training Thursday. Finally! I need $$$, LOL. Another trainee seemed kewl. I asked what he was up to for the rest of the day. He was going to hang out at this VERY CHILL place in, actually I'm not sure where it is. It's called Buffalo Billiards. Very kewl place.

I went home and finished up the craft stuff (that's why I am basically done). Then at around 10 met up with Mr Guy and his friend. His friend has a climbing wall in his bacjyard. I am SO abusing this!

Random, he reminds me a lot of another friend of mine. Only in some of his traits (how he speaks) and physical movements and visually similar. His outlook on life is fairly different. Just odd. :)

Much kewl convo had, even played a game and a partial game of darts (cricket to be specific).

OK, must go to sleep, have to get up before going to my voice lesson to see if dad fixed his printer. ~He tried to put new color in his ink cartridge, accidentally put blue in the yellow and yellow in the blue, whoops. Spent the whole day printing blue and yellow to get rid of it so as to re-fill it again. Correctly. Didn't work so he cleaned the cartridge out. We'll see in the morning if it worked. I hope so. I just want to finish my gifting stuff and give them to all me friends :)~

All my friends who live in this area . . .
Puhleese come see my show. This is my last production here. IT is mucho importanto to me. If you absolutely can't, I understand. Otherwise, you better have a damn good excuse or a relocation/witnees protection backup plan. Tee hee (Evil Grin followed by her usual cheesy smile and laugh)

OK, night

I hope everyone is well.

meez :)~

Current Mood: enthralled enthralled
Current Music: Apocalyptica - Path

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From: nolf Date: December 12th, 2001 07:11 am (UTC) (Link)
uh oh!
moowazz From: moowazz Date: December 12th, 2001 09:37 am (UTC) (Link)

I guess I should have been a lil more specific about what it was I found, LOL. I found another recruit for me "Army of Friends". He doesn't know a thing, but seems very wanting to learn. He may even be a lieutenant colonel one day (not sure if that's an good position, or if it's even an actual position, just felt like makin the joke).

Are you busy tonight? If not you up for some Karaoke? Call me

From: nolf Date: December 12th, 2001 09:41 am (UTC) (Link)

oooh lah dee dah

gotcha gotcha. most of us don't know a thing. all i know is from my own personal experiences, and how they relate to it all:)

i will give you a buzz this evening. i am trying to be to needed tonight, so i'll prolly be free (yay!). we'll see, though, every time i plan on not being needed, someone needs me real bad.

so hopefully, we can have some fun tonight:-P
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