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ACTUAL opening night - a world of possibility
ACTUAL opening night
Things went really well. I am mucho happy. I hope all my friends can come. (see the show ~that was for those of you who might take it the wrong way, you know who you are :P ).

I forgot to mention I went karaokying the other night with MAlcom. Mucho fun and little drama. I also met some new people (so as not to involve myself in the drama, especially since I had just met these people. I sang "I Will Survive" and "Yesterday" with Malcom. :)

I looked so good tonight! As in my clothes, I dressed up. I rarely do this. It was my own style, too bad I went straight home afterwards, LOL. It's all good, now I can go do more creative holiday stuff. YAY!

I hope everyone is well.

'''( 0) (0 )'''


OK, that didn't work but I'm leaving it anyways, LOL.


meez :)~

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished
Current Music: Rufus Wainwright - Instant Pleasure

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schwack From: schwack Date: December 8th, 2001 12:42 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm glad to hear it went well. Sorry I didn't answer my phone, it was not in my pants when you called. *Sigh*
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