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Opening night (well sorta) - a world of possibility
Opening night (well sorta)
Technically tomorrow night is our opening night, but we had an audience (our school) tonight.

SO yeah a few quick things then me is spendin some time doin holiday stuff. I just got a creative surge. YAY!

And the song "If I could be like that" has 2 versions! I thought I was going crazy because I heard lyrics to one of them and then every time I heard the other version I was like "I guess I was just really off on the lyrics".

He spent his whole life being too young to live the life that's in his dreams

That's the lyrics I listen for every time. It's so true for me in amny ways. I dream about so many things, but I'm too young, in the sense only that in the people I relate with are too young, the majority of them haven't reached the maturity levels that my goals and standards (ONLY for myself). I stress that it's only for me in the sense that I don't want people to necessarily have my standards, but at least understand and accept instead of reasoning that since their goals don't go that way mine must be wrong.

So, about my play. I was getting frustrated with myself because I didn't feel like I did in the last production. In the last production it was ike everything came naturally. The character wasn't like me, in fact she was incerdibly NOT me. Maybe that's why it was easier. I knew logically why she did and acted the way she did, but I was nothing like her.
The character in this show was sooo much harder for me. At first I thought because I was having so much trouble I wasn't doing as well (not to mention the director has a VERY different approach then the last one) and this bugged me. I therefore wasn't enjoying ti as much either.
I purposely didn't audition for the bubbly, somewhat slutty, outgoing character this time because it was so similar to my part in the last show. I wanted to challenge myself.
MY conclusion before the performance tonight (which was confirmed by comments by instructors after the show) was that it was a challenge. I was having trouble because I had been that girl before, not just understanding her but I had been her. Always wanting people to like me. I had to get past the connection to myself and separate her from me. I no longer am her, so this made it a little easier.
I guess I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I also need to realize that every character is not going to come as easily as some. :) IT went quite well tonight :)

cheesy quiz result

It doesn't necessarily mean that your weblog is boring. You just enjoy talking a lot more than writing. You have a busy social love because your friends love having you around. They just can't get enough of you. You might be wishing that you could spend more time online, but you really shouldn't. You're already right where you belong.

I think my "weblog" probably is somewhat boring at times, LOL.

Yep, quick not on relationships (I still think about them, but MUCH less then recently. Thanks for the comment, I think you know who you are :)

I was looking at a webpage and then went back to livejournal. This was highlighted on the page True love waits. This is sooo true. OK, yep that's it.

For those who actually sat and read all this, I've got a little treat.
Here is the one that made me check out the site Office Safety

Hope everyone is well.


meez :)~

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