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Kayla - a world of possibility
And here comes the second edition . .

If you haven't already though, i would read Anne the previous one.

"Sut up you morons. Why couldn't there be more women in this business?" The latter part she says more to herself then the "morons" she is with.

"Seriously guys, I've been working on this bust for the last year, if you don't shut up already and I get caught, not only am I going to be seriouslt P.O.ed, but I will tell them who you are and that you 'just wanted to ask me a few questions' but I said I don't date coppers. Then you will be seriously screwed, not I.

"P.O.ed" was a phrase she used often, which was a little odd since she had no problem cursing or using "offensive language" as her boss, and strangely Vinny also, would call it.

They shut up at this last remark becasue they knew what Vinny did to "coppers" sneakin around, especially through hir girls.

Vinny has been the most undercover drug operation for about 10 years now. Kayla knew it would be dangerous, but she also knew she was the one for the job. She was good at what she did.

Kayla has been "undercover for about a year now. Her name is now "Candy". Unfortunately some of her buddies from work dropped by. They weren't completely aware of her situation.

She is an "exotic dancer" A.K.A. stripper. Luckily she is one of the few who doesn't have to strip completely, the guys love her and she makes really god money, so Vinny doesn't make her take it all off. They made that deal when she firststarted. He said "The more money you make, the less clothing I make you take off". Since then, on her nights off, every guy is askin for Candy. Who knew she could be that good. Career change? I think not!

So now her buddies droped by for some drinks, and who do they see. So after her "dance" they send her a drink. She comes to see who sent it, thinking they might be another lead, but guess who? Man was she "P.O.ed".

Tune in next time, and keep tuning in. Eventually it will all connect.

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musus From: musus Date: November 23rd, 2001 11:02 pm (UTC) (Link)

((eager for more)) :)
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