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Bliss, a few things forgotten - a world of possibility
Bliss, a few things forgotten
On my drive home tonight in my happiness that just became greater, increasing with each mile and song and thought running through my head, I want to thank everyone who has ever been in my life. Anyone whose life has crossed with mine.

I even want(ed) to thank my past. That's how inebriated (SP?) I am (was) with enjoyment. I saw(see) past everything that brought me down and all I see is what I learned from him and every other person.

Thank you :)

Another thing that came into my head last night before I headed to dream land was this.
Very often when we ask for advice, it is so people can give us our own opinions. Why else would we argue so much? (Rather than just heed advice given).

In turn . . .

When one can actually ask for advice without rebuttle, this is when one is truly ready and wanting to learn.

. ~me

Again, just a thought.

Just have to say before I go anywhere, isn't Mathew Lillard cute? I am not normally one to look at someone and be "superficial" as in just be attracted to their looks, but after seeing his enthusiasm in the character he played in thirteen ghosts (pretty bad movie, LOL) I looked at him differently than I had before. OK then maybe it's not so so superficial, LOL.

Me has to go so I won't be late for work.

LAters :)

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