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Addiction - a world of possibility
Now even my friends are helping me further into my addiction, LOL.

Your score is 280

Note, WHERE to find your partner, well, that's my lame attempt at humor. Don't take it to heart, or be offended. This is my disclaimer:)

210-280~You are a very spiritual, compassionate person, in search of the same. May I suggest reading The Celestine Prophecy. You can find your match at church events, peace rallies, and most hippie conventions.

Theonly other one I'm gonna post before my resolution (see directly below this). I'm a horror movie freak, so I had to do it.

Mostly D's... Congrats! You're ready to duke it out with Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and whoever else. You've got all the knowledge you need to survive. But don't get too cocky - you know what happens then.

No more posting my results for 3 days! (Lets see if I can do it, LOL).


Saw Harry Potter. As I said to my friend, if you just sit back and let the fantasy live, instead of attempting to be %100 logical (since few G movies will be %100 logical~ what's the fun it that?) then it's a pretty good movie :)

Off to eat food and go to rehearsal. Then hopefully going out dancing tonight.


Current Mood: amused amused
Current Music: Tom Jones - Sexbomb

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