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A few useless random tests - a world of possibility
A few useless random tests
Uh oh, more tests.


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Uh oh, more tests.


<cj-cut text" here is the useless randomness">

Results of <a href="http://www.queendom.com/tests/personality/sex_personality_1.html">Your Sex Personality Test</a>

Attitude Index
Your score = 80

The results of the test suggest that you are very open-minded when it comes to sexuality. You seem to welcome new experiences within the realm of sex and even if you aren't comfortable with a particular ingredient of sex, you are very nonjudgmental of those who indulge themselves. You are not threatened by the diverse sexual tastes that make this world go round. In fact, you seem to be willing to tolerate sexual behavior that colors outside of the lines of 'normalcy,' as long as both partners are into it. Keep up the healthy attitude!

Spice Index
Your score = 65

According to the test results, you have experimented sexually, but you haven't chosen every option from the great palette of sex. You do have a creative nature, which keeps your sexual liaisons satisfactorily spicy, but you aren't the wildest love maker on the planet. You seem to have discovered what pleases you, and plan to stick with it! As long as you are sexually fulfilled, keep it up!

Sexual Daredevil Index
Your score = 22

According to the Sexual Daredevil Index, you seem to be a subdued sexual animal. You seem to shy away from sex play that is exhilaratingly daring. In fact, you seem down right reluctant to venture into the jungle of sexual experimentation. Maybe you are caged by feelings of guilt and shame.

You seem to be doing tricks that don't turn you on. There is nothing wrong with doing stuff solely for your partner's sake, but take care that you don't do anything that makes you truly uncomfortable. <i>(Funny thing was that I always responded that I was comfortable, LOL)</i>

This one's amusing

Tendency to procrastinate
Your score = 9

According to this test, you seemed to manage to avoid procrastination pitfalls. Congratulations, you owe yourself a pat on the back! If you would still like some tips on dealing with procrastination, check below

Areas of proctratination in detail, hmmm

Household chores
Your score = 2

Work or school
Your score = 12

Personal health and well-being
Your score = 13

Personal relationships
Your score = 7

ok, off to class


meez :)~

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