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KS marathon #12: rockin k trail marathon - a world of possibility
KS marathon #12: rockin k trail marathon
original post @ racethestates


stow away


packet pickup was small and friendly with the race directors phil & stacy & their cute dog charlie.

i had considered the dinner,  however i was staying in salina, about 45 min away.


a few minutes before 6:30am i was parked & in the building.  if the car temp was correct it was 34º F. 
there was a fire in the little building we were all waiting in until told otherwise.  people would get close for a few seconds and then make their way a bit further as too close was extra hot.

this photo thanks to dick ross @ seekcrun



some nice people aked me about my project.  i also chatted a bit with a woman from texas i had run into @ packet pickup.    

at some random moment we all headed outside for the trail marker explanation


if you see this & you are a marathoner - turn around, you have gone too far.

look @ all our cars :)

then phil said something like "ok, go . . . run . . ." 
and we were off. 

after the first 1/2 mile (?) until the last 1/4 mile we were running on trails.   there were plenty of water crossings - 2 serious ones.  


there are less pictures than i might have taken (though still quite a few surprisingly) because i decided to push a little.   
silly me when i was there were only 17 female marathoners i looked up the times of winners in previous years.  last years 3rd place was 5:28.  i could do this.
i ran almost 4 miles and then went to my 5 min run 1 min walk.  i took a few pictures, played some leap frog with people.  met 2 co-workers.  one was running the 50 miler, the other was running the marathon.


about mile 8 i passed a woman & a few others.  she & i played a little leap frog & then i was on my own for a while. 



 1/2 way & 18 mile (?) aid station

iarrived @ the 1/2 way aid station and thought "i can do this".  someone helped me fill my water bottles.  lots of people around to help & cheer on.

then there was the bluff section - 5 miles including some steep ascents.


since we had to go over barbed wire fences, they put up blankets

by mile 15 or 16 i was getting tired.  a man passed me as i stopped to take a quick picture

i caught up to him & decided to keep his pace.  i had changed to 3 min run / 1 min walk & i could keep his pace longer.  another guy caught up & was keeping our pace for a bit.  and then the leader's friend caught & joined us.

we were all running together & realized we didn't seeany markers.  oops.  turned back, found a marker, and headed off the wrong way again.  lesson learned - pay attention even when with other people :)

the 3rd times the charm.  we were back on the trail with a little extra mileage.


passed the ais station again.  refilled the h2o again - it was hot by now.
the hills on the last 8 miles were much more managable.  

i looked back, and another woman was getting close.  i kicked it into gear.  no clue where the energy came from.  i was about to walk & looking forward to it.  she almost caught me a 2nd time.  i decided to keep looking forward & i would be ok.

from here on out i was roughly running 3/1 - often more running with random bits of walking on steeper or longer uphills.

i came across a few men, one of whome it turned out had run 3 extra miles - yikes.  he was running the 50 miler.

happily he & another guy were in front of me when we came across the first of 2 big water crossings.  the first went to just above my knees.  the 2nd was almost to my waist.  the water felt nice


image thanks to dick ross @ seekcrun.com  

(notice the very wet shorts - water was about to my waist)

and then the home stretch.

it was quite tempting to stop & take a photo - there was some kewl yellow sand we were running on.  if anyone reading this has picture of it, lemme know :)

i finished with 27.99 miles (vs 26.3) on my garmin - who knows how accurate this is - still, yikes :)



lovin the medals.

talked with a few people, did my post race exercises, refueled a bit and went home with a women's marathon 2nd place (surprised me).

stacy wished meluck on my future races & gave me a hug.

thank you phil & stacy for an enjoyable run.

hope all be wonderful :)
for elevation - look @ the chart (vs the ascent & descent)
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