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Amusement from my head - a world of possibility
Amusement from my head
First, random: Anyone heard the new version of this song? I think I like it. :) I still like the originaly better though.

Actually this is all random, LOL. I went to Petco to get kitty food and litter. The sign above the store says "PETCO" and below that " Supplies Fish Grooming". What an odd assorment of things to name, LOL. Supplie and grooming are logical, but the "fish" is just thrown in there. Poor fishies, no-one will take them home is probably why they need to be part of the sign. Who knows?

Another amusing thing. I was in the car and heard a new advertisement (pronounced ad ver tis mint ~ tee hee) for guinness in a bottle. It was incredibly funny. The ending was the narrator telling us that the reason he prefers it in a bottle is not only because it tastes as good as on draft at a pub, but he an drink it however he wants. He continues on letting us know that how he likes to is in the nude, well, he's wearing tube socks. And that they won't exactly let him do that at a pub "[I've] tried" he adds. At this point I am laughing very loudly. People next to me in their cars probably thought I was a nutcase. OH well.

I later heard another advertisement for guiness in a bottle. This time he and his friend kept calling and leaving each other messages. One (monty man) was having a party at his house. The other was at a pub. They were both watching some concert (I think barenaked ladies) on TV. I laughed a little because I kept picturing him still running around nude with tube sox on, but with all his friends there!

Me is weird. Me also has rehearsal.


meez :)~

Current Mood: amused amused
Current Music: (Depeche Mode) - Tainted Love

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From: mangomama Date: November 13th, 2001 01:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
ha! i like that... with only his tube socks on... LOL!
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