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suggestions? - a world of possibility
hello guys :)

this summer i am selling jewelry @ the art shows (last year i did photography). the jewelry is based from my photography - so i am still traveling, hiking, etc. & taking photos.

i am about to place an order (may end up placing 2 or 3).

is there anything you have always wanted to see on jewelry (bracelet/necklace - maybe earrings, haven't gotten that far yet)?

currently i have a few shapes with images of aspens, sunflowers, dragonflies, one of a bee inside a flower, one of a skull over sand dunes (reminds me of georgia o'keefe) and maybe 1 or 2 more.

hope all be wonderful
thanks :)

ps - if you want to see what i already have i hope to have images up in the next week or so (the 1st week of april @ the latest).
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