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co-nv-nm-canada, lots in between & back to snowy co - a world of possibility
co-nv-nm-canada, lots in between & back to snowy co
originally posted in my photo journal ( [info]pyxie-photo)
it's been a little while.  

an adventure, as always.

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august 14,000ft




the kitties start learning to get along

i have a few more training runs (please note 2 images of bones)

imogene pass run (images) --  imogene run info

to nv, nm, and back - took a break from photos, so this one's extra small for me



the canada adventure . . .

customs: we drove through the passenger vehicles by accident (joe didn't realize we were commericial and i missed the signs directing us). so we proceeded to turn around and re-enter the states.

we were sent down and around and to another entrance. we ended up on the us side of customs. oops. they told us we needed a slip of some sort to leave us customs and enter the us. " but sir, we haven't left the states, we want to go into canada."

we got our slip and headed over to canada.

we only saw "trucks" or "passenger vehicles" @ this entrance (no "commercial vehicles") we made another mistake. this time the guy was nice and just had us park and walk over to the commercial area.

did we export items from the us first? oops.

walk across to the us customs (leaving the car & trailer @ canada customs). they give us the paperwork we need to "export" my goods as well as to be able to leave the buildings again.

back to canada.

fill out paperwork, mess up paperwork, get help fixing paperwork, search of vehicle / trailer - they even checked out my website to see if i was "legit". they were mostly nice.

4 hrs or so after initially crossing into canada we make it on the road to km/hr and onto my friends house. yay

trailer: my trailer was stolen. the act itself was unstressful. all the phone calls and figuring out how to get my artwork back home - this caused a bit of frustration.

* called police
* called insurance
* called u-haul
ended up renting a uhaul, taking it across the border. storing stuff in a unit. return uhaul. spent 2 days with friend who lives in canada. then headed back to us and rented uhaul in washington (initially plan was to spend a week in canada. turns out the whole week was supposed to be rain).


and we made it home safe :)



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