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hikes & such - a world of possibility
hikes & such
originally posted in my photo journal ( [info]pyxie-photo)  
i think there were 1 or 2 other posts as well, mainly photos, since my 1st columbine lake adventure

i had hoped to get this up sooner. as usual life took on it's own route.

i've been hiking quite a bit recently. sometimes with less photos than is my usual M.O. the reason for this . . .

imogene pass run - a few of my trails have been training runs for this. these consist of run / stop & catch breath / walk / run again up the trail.

in some ways it evens out - less pictures per trail, yet more trails taken.

enough about my running, below are some of the photos from my hikes. for those curious about the infamous "bridge of heaven" hike - there is a link with more details.

for each album, the image will take you to the full album (more pictures).

please note: almost none of these images have been edited yet. the only photoshopping done for most of these is decreasing the size and merging images to create the panoramics. one or two panoramics have been cropped and played with slightly around the edges.
if you are interested in seeing final versions - email me or make a comment :)

abrams - twas nice to see some friends i hadn't seen for a few weeks

bridge of heaven - link below to full story

(the full story)


columbine lake (round 2)

blue lakes pass

and flowers throughout

i hope all be wonderful
elysa :)
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