elysa (moowazz) wrote,

a wedding & a marathon

 i posted this in my photo journal ( [info]pyxie-photo)  thought i'd post it here too :)

ok - so the pictures from the marathon are of my trip to alaska rather than me running.  though there are 2 of myself and bjorg - before and after the run.

my friend sarah got married, and they are wonderful with each other.  they made me smile over and again to se them together.

me in pink - a rare occasion

off to alaska

i hiked near the place i stayed and crossed a river on a hand tram
where bears are the models 


and moose like getting up close & personal
then to portage glacier visitor center


and of course the anchorage zoo

with hungry porcupines, interesting haircuts, sleepy goats

and flexible polar bears 


and of course the run - before & after

there was more to the trip - to be shown in @ a later date 

i hope all be wonderful :)
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