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appreciation - a world of possibility
Welcome to 2008! It seemed that should be added to this rambling as my writings may come across as some “New Year” inspired. Funny part is that it’s not, well – how bout I just start.

Currently I’m on a flight from Nevada to Maryland. Leaving Joe again until the next time. As I continuously tell him, I look forward to the day when we don’t have to say good-bye every few weeks for long periods of time. I will say, I would much rather have someone in my life I love and only get for chunks of time than have someone all the time that I don’t.

We’re still not at the “L” word out loud, so I haven’t said the 2nd half of the above statement. I did say it a few times before I left NZ the first time.

Since then I haven’t said anything. Every so often I’ll want to hear or say it. Like today, when I was waiting at my gate and had to get off the phone, it seemed so natural to just say “ok, I’ll talk to you later. Love you. Bye” like I do with my folks

I don’t want him to feel pressured though. People make too big a deal about it, so it becomes scary. When I decided not to say “love” anymore (as in “I love you” not as in “I love chocolate”) I also made the decision it’s now up to him to initiate when it comes out again. Who knows, I may change my mind.

For the moment I’m good with this. Because outside of my little moments of confusion I like how he makes me feel special and how wonderfully he treats me :)

So I’ve made it to the plane and remember I’m on SW – an airline that has no movies, no music, basically no entertainment. However, to my happy surprise, they DO have snacks.

Nothing extravagant, but some flights have drinks and maybe peanuts of pretzels unless you want to pay on board. So it was nice to get some free snacks.

In my snack box was *100 calorie chips ahoy *the equivalent of a slim jim (I handed this one back) *handi-snack – you know the gooey cheese substance and cracker sticks. It made me smile and feel a bit like a little kid.

So my point in mentioning the lack of entertainment – is my lack of preparation. I realized I had no book to read, no movie to watch, no games to play.

Oops – scratch that last one. just remembered I have an electronic sudoku (sp?) game. Too late now, maybe once I finish this :)

I did check my laptop to se if maybe I had games. Only chess. No directions. I don’t remember how to play chess.

Looked through some pictures from adobe and microsoft. Then I went to looking through some of my own pictures. This would be when I felt the urge to write.

After looking at some pictures from the past year and my flight neighbors led me to realize something.

My flight neighbors: Originally I was a little upset. I had walked all the way back with hopes of having the row to myself. I see passengers starting to filter to the back. A couple comes along and sits next to me. This is a flight, I didn’t expect to get the row to myself. No prob. What almost upset me was that they are a couple.

I just left joe and it made me think of our flight back from MD – the first flight we had taken together. Usually it’s one of us flying to see the other one. I changed my mine before I headed down that line of thought. They seem happy. Not all gropy or anything – just sit down, lean on each other and go to sleep. Like me & joe. I’m happy for them. Just like I’m happy to see my now-married-cousin and her husband. I’ll see joe again soon.

Then we had lifted off and I pulled out my computer. Eventually I got to the pictures.

The pictures I saw were friends from milford sound (new Zealand), views in New Zealand, Spain, Alaska, my cousins bachelorette, visits with some friends I don’t see often, etc. And all the memories that tend to come along with pictures. Not only memories from the specific picture, but the general time frame, that “section” of my life.

I have been amazingly blessed the past few years. Actually, all of my life.

I’ve continuously been given opportunities to take classes at various schools in many cities and a few states. Learning about all sorts of things, from acting to astronomy, to photography, to stem cell research.

I’ve acted in quite a few productions. One allowed me to perform on the stage at one of my old highschools – a stage that was put up after I left. Another – a small renaissance faire - let me use my sword play.

I have met many interesting people, all teaching me life lessons of one sort or another (doesn’t mean I always learned them). Included in the numerous lives that have touched mine there are a few who continue to teach me.

I am blessed to have a few friends – not 1, but plural – whose lives have been threaded throughout mine. Friends I’ve known for years whom I’ve been lucky enough to see grow and change and they’ve been there to see me do the same. Friends I feel have only become closer.

Most recently, and the initiation of this rambling, is the past year and a half. I have been all over the world and back. I’ve been to some amazing places. I’ve had some mind opening experiences. I’ve learned a thing or two (some I’m sure I’ll need to relearn again and again). I’ve met an amazing man. I’ve made some new friends. I’ve reconnected and become closer to some already standing friends. I’ve come to see my family in a new light, I feel closer to them. Sometimes I lose this and have to find it again, but I’ve seen it. I know it exists. I feel closer to my larger family too. I was lucky enough to see my cousin get married.

I feel incredibly blessed to have had so many wonderful opportunities in my life.

Now I’m in preparations for the next adventure in my life. I’m looking to move – soon. Joe & I took a quick trip to ouray, co (pronounced ‘your-ray’ like “your ray of sunshine” except it’s squished into 1 word). It was beautiful. I went for a run the first morning and knew I wanted to be there.

I still have my numerous aspirations – photo gallery showing, training for my next marathon – and some others I haven’t mentioned. Once I get around to them, I’ll share more. For now I have enough to focus on.

So the plan now – head to ouray with my folks in the near future. Look at a house where I might like to move into. Also if that trip doesn’t coincide, join Joe and his family when they visit his brother, his wife & kids to see the new baby.

I'll try and drop some photos on tomorrow

until I’m ready to ramble again

I hope all is wonderful :)~
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From: myreprise Date: January 13th, 2008 02:52 am (UTC) (Link)
You should fly more often with nothing to do. Good to hear from you. :)
moowazz From: moowazz Date: January 24th, 2008 04:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
thanks, as always, for reading :)
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