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quick somewhat update - a world of possibility
quick somewhat update
since i just put an entry in here recently some of this may be repeats - and no photos since the most recent are in the last entry.

hello big world

I'm attempting to stick with one day at a time. I still get pulled into the future for little bits of time. Often for no other reason than the future means I'll can feel the arms of my joe around me :)

As for my day to day there are a few basic themes.

*Attempting to put together a gallery showing of some of my photos from NZ
*Submitting photos to stock houses with the help of my aunt. I'm lucky to have an aunt who knows a bit about photography (while she does portraits professionally, she's been doing photography for years). I'm also lucky to have joe who is much better than myself (even if he denies it)

training for marathon 3 The hope is to qualify for Boston. i've had some challenges along the way. My will is strong! Or so I think at some points in time.
My challenges have been
*physical - my knee has given me trouble here and there. so I've had to allow myself to be ok with the possiblity of not necessarily qualifying, but just improving my time. In such this allowed me to relax for a few days (as my knee needed some mending time) and NOT push it harder because of the fear of "losing time" from my training.
*mental - in addition to the end of my knee and learning to relax I realized I have to be happy with my training. no one else needs to. not everyone else will be as motivated as me. in specific my dad. he & I are training together. For a few days he kept kind of making excuses. One day was all me - my knee started to hurt (though he initially didn't want to go out that day either). After that it was too icy, or too cold, and today he had stayed up too late the previous night. I told him today - while we stayed together in the last marathon (and I thank him for that, inthe beginning I was way slow due to my knee. in the end once I felt better I stayed with him) I would be running the next marathon to run (rather than solely to finish).
*Initially I started running with the hope of one day qualifying for boston together so we could run it together. Now I realize I can't create anyone else's aspirations, only my own. I also shouldn't necessarily give up mine for someone else. In this case - if I qualify and he doesn't he can run it by raising money for a charity. Things will work out how they need to.

ok i've babbled when i have plenty of things I could be doing so I'll finish quickly.

I have my cousins wedding coming along really soon! joe comes in for this :) and then we go back to his coast to spend xmas there.

the only other thing is the possibility of me moving somewhere in the next few months.

I hope all is wonderful :)

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