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down time day - a world of possibility
down time day
today I took the day to rest a bit (laundry, photos, let my body relax) while joe went kayaking to get some shots he wanted in milford.

as a result I had time to upload some photos. [I may get more up later. then again I may not]

Things are going really well on this end of the world. The plan is probably to stay a bit longer.

Photos -

dansey's pass - en route to st bathans. We drove this in the dark last time, so it was nice to get to see it this time (well most of it).

milford - this was yesterday, the adventure of joe's bday [17th of sept]

enjoy :)

dansey's pass

milford sound

ok to work on some more photos til joe gets back - maybe another post lata

I hope all is wonderful

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