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day 18 - mon - a world of possibility
day 18 - mon
* picture of sly driving
* hill pictures

considering the last few nights I was surprised to find myself quite awake @ 6:10am when I woke & got dressed for the morning milking.

Did dishes from the fiesta the night before (it had been NZ father's day, hence the family get together) washed some underwear & dropped off my car @ the mechanic. It had been stalling again - quite a bit the day I left rotorua (yesterday) so better to be safe.

Silke texted around lunch & we headed to murupara with her dog -sly. He has decided he knows how to drive


we then stopped for food @ the petrol station in galatea next to the cafe (the cafe's closed on mondays). & headed to Olli's to walk to "the hill". - the hill is on the farm where olli milks and you can see most of galatea from the top.

Silke had to leave because she had to be back for the afternoon milking. So Olli & I went.

The hill was beautiful, you can see the whole town!


Olli taught me to ride a motorbike - 4 wheeler. good thing! as later that night I had to take one back from the farm next door to where I was living so I could come over in the morning.

Up much later than I had hoped. Cooked egg & cheese on bread for dinner. (Yum!)

Had re-arranged my room earlier this afternoon so it's much neater. plus it helps that I now have a table for my laptop.

put postcards together 2night. It took so long I ended up not writing any.

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laaylaa From: laaylaa Date: October 13th, 2006 08:56 pm (UTC) (Link)


Hiya!! I am home safe and all. It snowed in Detroit on Thursday. Boo to that. I hope you are having fun! Alison
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