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day 17 - sun - a world of possibility
day 17 - sun
* pictures
* link to the games
- "rush hour" - has nothing to do with the movie, lol
- sorry
- sudoku

slept til 7!

I needed it (probably a bit more too - but will sleep early tonight).

The plan for today: mountin biking in the redwood forest.

I hope to also

  • get groceries

  • stop @ the post office for stamps & to send someone a hat (who was kind enough to send one with me to NZ

  • finish uploading the pictures I have edited, as well as putting links up to the albums & sending an email out

  • lastly, buying a NZ slang book.

and then I will head back to galatea tonight for sleep! & be ready for the morning milking.

how the day actually went . . .

much fun w/ luke & jenn! was ready to get back & have some down time.

the redwood forest, sulphur point, & more mud pools - all quite fun :)


internet uploading photos, & petrol station stop - then I was off.

Got back & ashleigh's whole family was over. My hope had been to literally come home & go to sleep. As this was not likely to happen I stayed around for a bit then headed over to Olli's. I pumped him for info about all the places he's been around NZ & suggestions of his favorites.

This was followed by a game [rush hour - possible link] and then another game - similar to "sorry" link

lastly sudoku.

My original plan of coming to Olli's in order to nap, since he has a room separate from the house, did not happen and this was ok. I did end up sleeping there til about 2am @ which point I headed home. I like waking up in my own bed.
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