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day 16 - sun - a world of possibility
day 16 - sun
* map
* links to all in the "plan"
* link to hell's pizza

up bright & early (5:30-ish). went for a mini-jog to sulfur point - though I think I missed it.
and then down the path to the water for some sunrise pictures


funny thing - I took more pictures of the swans and other birds than of the actual sunrise.

It feels nice to be up & out early in the cold & moving.

Plan for the day -

  • Te puia - geysers

  • buried village

  • kiwi encounter

  • possibly "pat a lion cub"

  • some walks around rotorua

and finally uploading some photos tonight

til later :)

~ ~ ~

minus the walks PLUS a stop @ a lookout point of the blue lake & green lake the list is complete! In addition Jenn joined me for the days activities.

This was wonderful as she knew where everything was. It's fun to explore with another person and best she is quite fun!

LOTS of pictures, especially of the cubs. We also made a stop @ Jenn's mom's house. I took a few pictures of the house & their kitties - ginger, pinky, pixie, honey, & tabby. I also met her nice soon-to-be step dad.

Luke joined us for the kiwi encounter place. I'll have to come back to do the kiwi encounter as that part ended @ 4pm. It's part of a place called fairie springs - which has other animals and plantlife as well. We were able to see some kiwi birds, only I couldn't get a photo as it was too dark & you can't use a flash.

Jen took me to get scrap booking stuff as well (yay).

After we got back Luke & I headed to the internet place while we were waiting for Jenny, Olli, & Silke - who were coming up from Galatea for pizza.

Yummy pizza! At a place called "Hell" link This was followed by an Irish pub for 1 drink and then a bar with billiards.

twas a filled and wonderful day!

I was exhausted and ready for sleep - but not before the oh so kind Luke worked on my back a bit. These 2 are one of the most giving couples I jhave had the priveledge of meeting.

It's nice to see the dynamics of different relationships in general, but also from different countries. And not only intimate relationships, but friendships as well. I've learned quite a bit from all the people I've met since arriving in NZ.
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